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About Us

Side Yarn Company started its business activities with cotton yarn in 1996. Since 2003, Side İplik has been continuingits activities with regenerated yarn which is one of thetrending products in textile market in recent years.

Our company policy is to be a company that holds customer satisfaction to be more important than anything else.In the lights of this policy, Ege Fiber Company was founded in 2008 with the aim of producing high-quality yarn from the high-quality raw material. It was the first step towards being a company which produces high-qualityyarn from its own raw material.

Side Yarn Company, which adopts high-quality as a principle, always prefers to take part in the competitive global markets where only the latest technology is used and only the highest-quality products are available.As Side Yarn Company, we meet all the requirements for being a part of such competitive market by modernizing our machine park in every five years and following the latest developments in textile sector.

As Side Yarn Company, our primary aim is to be highly effective company in textile market by combining our yarns of which quality have been approved by world class tests with our competitive prices.

In the light of this aim, now we continue our textile journey, which started in 1996, with 20-year experience and non-stop quality investments in order to go further.