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As we are Side Yarn company we produce soft, anti bacterial , anti static regenerated yarn between Ne 4/1 and Ne 30/1."

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"As we are Ege Fiber company we produce cotton shoddy for every yarn count and color."


As a result of non-stop quality investments of Side Yarn Company, Ege Fibre Company was founded in 2008 under the body of Side Yarn Company with the aim of producing high-quality yarn from the high-quality raw material. In the light of this aim, Ege Fibre Company has been continuing its activities by producing high-quality fibre since 2008. As a result of our experience gained in the production of fibre, Ege Fibre Company made an investment in new machinery in 2015 and monthly production of fibre has reached the level of 500 tons. Ege Fibre Company, which shares 50% of its production capacity with Side Yarn Company, has also been producing fibre for foreign market as well as domestic market.


As a result of non-stop quality investments, Side İplik has been regularly modernizing its machine park since 2013. In order to be highly effective in foreign market, 2014/2015 model Schlaforst Open end machines, 2013/2014 model Trütschler Card ve 2014/2015 model Rieter Draw frames was purchased. As a result of these machinery investments, monthly production of yarn has reached the level of 330 tons. With our latest-technology machine park and high-quality yarn, we serve our customers at the highest level both in domestic market and foreign market.


As we are Side Yarn company our target is the become %100 exporter company. With %75 of our export rate right now, we getting close to our target day by day.



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